Analyzing the Best eCommerce Platforms

If you want to sell products or services online and you want to be successful, you should pay special attention when selecting an eCommerce platform. The good thing is that there is a long list of great eCommerce platforms that can be used by people with minimal knowledge in this area. The following is a list of the best and most used eCommerce platforms today.


Magento is actually an open-source eCommerce platform that provides excellent SEO features. You can use it to handle more than one storefront from one place. Users looking for enhanced functionality should check all the plugins offered on Magento. Some of the best features related to this platform include customizable designs, automated email reminders, unlimited product attributes and more.


BigCommerce is one of the most used SaaS providers for people managing online businesses. This is also one of the fastest growing platforms of this kind. One of the reasons for that is their continuous effort to improve their platform by adding new, useful features. Integration with Pixlr, easy imports, preview mode – these are some of the things that people love about BigCommerce.


This is another extremely popular eCommerce platform (probably the most popular one). It’s a cloud-based platform suitable for multi-channel selling. It’s worth mentioning that Shopify was created for mid-sized and small online businesses. Thanks to Shopify, you will be able to design, create and handle an online store on different sales channels like web, social media, mobile and online marketplaces. Thousands of online businesses are powered by Shopify and many of them are reputable brands like Kylie Cosmetics, Nestle, and Tesla.

Shopify is not free, but it provides a free trial period and it has excellent pricing plans. Another thing that people like about Shopify is that it has dozens of attractive templates.


This is a good example of a successful DIY eCommerce platform. It provides end to end eCommerce solution. In other words, you can use it to create a website and take care of some other things like logistics, marketing, and payment. KartRocket relies on Saas technology and provides a comprehensive and simple way to start your online business. It won’t take much time before you create your online store and start selling products/services.

Finding a good eCommerce platform is an important step on your road to eCommerce success. Take some time and do some research before you make your final choice.


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